What Security Measures Do New Casino Sites Take to Protect Players?

Last Updated on June 25, 2020 by Jennifer Wright

With the emergence of countless new casinos, players’ protection has become a major talking point. In the UK, dodgy casinos, with poor security measures, don’t see the light of day thanks to the Gambling Commission. Players, too, are enlightened on their security as customers, and would rather register for trustworthy new casino sites than dubious ones with over-the-top promises.

What Security Measures Do New Casino Sites Take to Protect Players?

As a player, you should enjoy every minute of your betting, knowing your money is in safe hands. Worrying about whether you may ever withdraw your earnings can quickly turn a pleasurable gambling experience to an agonizing one.

Imagine you’ve won your first jackpot, only to realize you can’t withdraw any of the cash you’ve won. While the chances of you winning a jackpot are slim, it’s equally heartbreaking knowing you can’t withdraw your earnings, no matter how little they are.

That’s why effective security measures are crucial to you as a casino player. They give you the peace of mind to help you bet responsibly. But what are some of these security measures? We’ll give you some examples in this article.

Identity Verification

In 2018, the Gambling Commission made some changes to the existing policies on age verification for casino players. New casinos are now required to verify a player’s age and identity before they deposit or wager. Since it’s almost impossible to visually assess each user’s age, new casinos now require customers to send copies of personal documents for verification. To be authorized in a casino, a player’s name from IDs or passports must be the same to the credit card used to make payments.

New casinos also require players to state their addresses. These sites sometimes request their customers to send their recent utility bills. They then verify whether their utility bill address and that on their ID matches. Also, if you make a withdrawal of a lot of money, you may have to redo the verification process.

While these safety measures are, primarily, enforced to tackle underage gambling, they also help in eliminating fraudulent players. Since 2018, cases of identity theft in casinos has reduced significantly.

Deposit Restrictions

Almost all new casinos these days have restricted the amount players can either deposit or withdraw. These restrictions are for a specific period and can be adjusted as time goes by. They protect customers whose card details may have been acquired illegally by identity thieves. Additionally, these limits protect players, from themselves, in case they succumb to gambling addiction.

And in the case that hackers successfully access your account, withdrawal limits ensure they can not loot your entire bankroll.

Regular Software Audits

In case you didn’t know, casinos use sophisticated technology known as RNG to ensure all games are fair. Referred in full as random number generators, this tech ensures that each roll of the dice, wheel spin, and deck shuffle is completely random and fair.

New casinos integrate complex algorithms in their games to produce a series of randomly generated numbers. Although computers programs are never entirely random, RNGs create patterns of several different values, to an extent where they become unrecognizable.

To enhance fairness, independent auditors regularly assess the software used by casinos. Trustworthy sites display their certificates in fore-front pages, where every user can view them. They also ensure all their slots and tables are audited before they’re launched.

Final Thoughts

Your betting safety is of utmost importance to not only you but also us. That’s why we only recommend new casino sites with strict safety measures so that you can enjoy your casino gambling experience.

Jennifer Wright is an online casino and slots writer since 2010. She has an eye for detail and take pride in her in-depth analysis of new casino sites that enter the UK market. A regular at iGaming conferences and events, she is also a keen follower of industry news. In her downtime, she is an avid gamer and regularly takes part in esports tournaments. Jennifer currently resides in the north of England.