Online Keno Guide

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Keno might look like a modern game – but it is well over two thousand years old. This form of entertainment was first invented by a king in ancient China. Put simply, he needed a way for the general public to fund his armies, to protect his powerful position.

These days people from around the world and all walks of life enjoy keno. The majority choose to play online from the comfort of their own homes. 

We at New Casino Sites think this lottery-reminiscent game is a lot of fun. It’s fast and entertaining, you can play with small stakes, and you are able to select your own lucky numbers!

Online Keno Guide

What is Online Keno?

Online keno is like a hybrid of the lottery and bingo. In a nutshell, players either select a combination of numbers or buy a random ticket – a short game then ensues and the more numbers you match – the more you win. 

Sounds simple right? There is a little more to it than that.

As such, in this guide, we at New Casino Sites are going to divulge everything you need to know about online keno. This includes basic play, the rules, bet types and strategies.


How to Play Online Keno From Home

Playing online keno from home has never been more convenient! All you need is a steady internet connection and a reputable casino platform – a little knowledge on the subject won’t do you any harm either.

See below a simple run-through of how online keno is played:

  • Choose some numbers between one and eighty – most players opt for between three and ten. However, you can even choose twenty on some casino platforms if you wish.
  • Select your stake.m The minimum will depend on the casino, but could be as low as one pound. The maximum can often run into the hundreds. Beginners should stick with a low-value bet.
  • Now you can choose how many consecutive games you want to play – some stick with one, others like to bet on the next five or ten.
  • Next, twenty numbers will be drawn at random – between one and eighty.
  • How much you win (if at all) will depend on how many numbers you match, and how much money you have staked.

You can no doubt see why this game is compared to lotteries. Next, let’s look at the rules of this lightning-fast online casino game.


What are the Rules of Online Keno?

All games have rules attached, so it’s better to be aware of these before you start to play with real money.

You will see some of the fundamental rules of keno below:

  • You must select between one and twenty numbers from the grid running from one to eighty.
  • All winning payments are calculated based on percentages and will depend on how many numbers you can match and the size of the bet.
  • You can choose the maximum amount allowed of twenty numbers. Beyond eight, you must match at least four numbers to win any money.
  • You can play this game a multitude of times thanks to its fast-paced nature.
  • Smaller bets allow you to play for longer – but winnings will be more modest

As you can see, online keno is fairly simple to get to grips with. There aren’t many rules and the ball is in your court when it comes to how much you risk and how marginal your returns might be.


What Different Bet Types are There?

It’s also important to be aware of the different bet types when playing online keno. This will really help you to understand the game.

With that in mind, below we have listed the most commonly seen Keno bet types at online casinos:

  • Straight Online Keno Ticket: Starting with the most basic of online keno bets. This means you will select your set of numbers – and win by matching the minimum amount specified to get a payout.
  • Split Online Keno Ticket: This is like making two straight bets on the same ticket. In this scenario, some regular players would rather just have separate wagers so that they can repeat a number if desired.
  • Way Online Keno Ticket: This type of online keno bet offers players multiple chances to win. You can have several different number combinations if you like. For instance, you might decide to go with a four-way ticket where you have a group of three, a different trio, and then a selection of all six. You can choose as many amalgamations as you like, each one is considered a separate wager.
  • King Online Keno Ticket: This bet will see you marking one number from the ticket. This can then be used alongside alternative groups. For instance, you might have a way ticket containing two and three, four and five, six and seven – and have eight as your ‘King’ bet.
  • Progressive Jackpot Online Keno Ticket: Many casino players love the thrill of a progressive jackpot. The best online keno platforms will have variations of this. In this case, you and other players continue contributing to the prize pot each time you place a bet. The amount then increases each time no one wins the pot.

You could also keep your eyes peeled for online casinos offering special ticket offers and combinations. Many will at least offer new customers a bonus to welcome them.


Online Keno Guide: Five Commonly adopted Strategies

The first thing to note about online keno strategies is that this game is entirely random. As such, each title will be tested for fairness regularly by reputable casinos – as per regulatory authority rules. This means there is no guarantee that a system of any sort will send you on a winning streak.

With that said, many online keno enthusiasts use a strategy or two when playing this game of chance. 

See below:

  • Strategy One: Select Un-Drawn Numbers – Some players use this tactic on a regular basis. It will see you studying the previous draws and looking for numbers that have yet to be drawn. The idea being, statistically, it (or they) might be coming next.
    • Strategy Two: Never a Group of Over Eight Numbers – Many players believe that it’s better to select between four and eight numbers – while some people won’t choose more than six. This is an online keno strategy you can use to find the balance between a decent payout and a high enough chance of winning.
  • Strategy Three: Find Progressive Jackpot Keno – Another system is to only bet on progressive jackpots. As we said, these game variations usually have a much higher prize pot. Additionally, they can make for very entertaining, and in some cases sociable gameplay. In other words, if you are lucky enough to win the round – the growing prize pool allows you to get your hands on a lot more money.
  • Strategy Four: Four Ticket Keno – This entails making four different tickets for the same game and having a group of say six or seven numbers on each one. This particular strategy is more suited to long-term keno players. The idea is that you (hopefully) make small but frequent profits.

As well as incorporating a strategy or two into your casino adventures – you can find heaps of odds tables for online keno. This will provide you with a full rundown of your chances of winning in reference to how many numbers you choose.

For instance, if you pick 3 numbers, the odds of matching all 3 stand at 1-in-73. However, the odds of matching just two are drastically reduced to just 1-in-8.  


Online Keno Top Beginner Tips

Online Keno Top Beginner Tips

As you likely know, you can try to increase your odds of winning, but the house will always have the advantage. That’s just the nature of casinos, and why we should only play for entertainment – not to get rich. With this in mind, it’s important to prepare yourself for losing – as well as trying to win.

Below you will see some of the best online keno tips and tricks for your consideration:

  • Always check the small print before getting started. This is because each online casino varies when it comes to RTP and wagering requirements.
  • Another tip for newbies is to only bet small amounts on any one ticket. Sure, the winning amount will be less, but you can play for longer and get used to how it works with less risk.
  • Try not to concentrate too much on the actual numbers themselves. Your odds of winning are more related to the amount of numbers you choose – rather than which specific ones.
  • Only trust regulated online keno platforms. As we touched on, these companies adhere to rules set by specific jurisdictions – to ensure games are fair and truly random.
  • The best platforms will be able to provide a demo version of the title. This means you can practice playing online keno without risking your own casino funds.
  • Set yourself an online keno budget and stick to it. This is a good way to keep the game entertaining and cuts out the need to worry about overspending.

As you can see, there are many ideas you can implement, to stay on track and keep financial concerns at bay. Any keno player will tell you – when you find yourself playing for money, and don’t practice budget management – the game becomes much less fun.


Online Keno Guide: Final Thoughts

A reliable casino with reputable software providers is key to having the best experience when playing online keno. You can also check whether there is a free demo version of the title to play. This gives you the chance to learn without risk.

We have listed many popular strategies and tips throughout this guide – so hopefully you feel much more confident to play keno online. Many newbies set financial boundaries from the get-go – to make sure those stakes don’t get out of control.



How exactly does online keno work?
Keno is like a lottery game. Select some numbers ranging from one to eighty and place a bet you are comfortable with. Many people decide to buy multiple small stake tickets. If you match the required amount of numbers, you will win. The prize will be dependent on your stake and how many numbers are matched.
Does online keno have a pattern?
No, all keno games are fitted with RNG (Random Number Generators), to ensure each game is as random and fair as the last. As such, there is no way to properly determine what the next session will bring.
What is the best online keno strategy for beginners?
There is no 100% guarantee that a strategy will help you win. However, the best system to adopt for newbies is to only bet small amounts. Additionally, you can practice on a free demo version of the game before spending your online casino budget – provided you choose the best platform offering this facility.
Is it possible to cheat at online keno?
No, it is not possible to cheat at online keno. As we said, regulated developers fit each game at an online casino with RNG software – ensuring it is truly random and legit. It is for this reason that it’s wise to only sign up with licensed casinos that comply with fair regulations. As a player, this protects you from disingenuous platforms.
What are the most played numbers in online keno?
The answer to this question depends on various factors such as location – and the course of information. For instance, in New Zealand, it’s said that twenty-seven is the most played number, while in the US this is believed to be numbers seven and seventy-seven. Those in the UK also tend to pick multiples of seven.