A Guide to Playing Texas Hold’em Poker

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Texas Hold’em is one of the world’s most popular poker games, both online and in land-based casinos. Many players can be intimidated to start playing this exciting game and so New Casino Sites is here to help with our extensive guide to how to play Texas Hold’em. Carry on reading to find out more about what exactly this game is, the rules you need to know, how to place a bet and what the best Texas Hold’em strategy is.

A Guide to Playing Texas Hold’em Poker

What is Texas Hold’em?

Texas Hold’em is a poker game variation and is one of the most popular gambling games you will find anywhere online or in brick and mortar casinos. What players love about this poker game is that it has very simple rules and it is not difficult to play, which is what makes this game so appealing to newbies who want to play poker. What’s more, advanced players love this game too as there are so many different combinations that can be formed to make it thrilling to play.

The aim of the game is to get the best five card poker hand that you possibly can. Do this and beat the dealer to be a winner!


The Rules of Texas Hold’em

If you are completely new to playing Texas Hold’em, you will need to know the rules of how to play in order to be prepared for your first game. The rules of this game are similar to other poker games and so many players may already be familiar with the basics.

This game is known as a community poker game. This involves a mixture of private hole cards being dealt directly to you and community cards which are dealt out onto the centre of the table. In Texas Hold’em, players are awarded 2 face down cards while a further 5 cards are placed in the centre.

As we previously stated, the aim is to create the best potential 5 card poker hand that you can and this is created using the cards you have face down as well as the community cards. There are stages in this game with different betting rounds. As you move through the rounds, players will fold and exit the game until there is 1 player left who is the winner.


Texas Hold’em Betting The Blinds

Texas Hold’em poker games use a system called the blinds, rather than using an ante. This is simply a forced, rotating, bet and this is only placed when it is your turn. This game has 2 blinds. The first is the small blind and the second is the big blind, which is decided by the stakes of the game and the big blind is usually double the size of the small blind. The dealer will move this around the poker table and will signal the player posting the blind.


Texas Hold’em Betting Limits

The next stage of the game is the betting limits. There are 3 different types of betting rules and these determine the limits.

  •         Limit Hold’em – the bet limits are decided before the game starts and the size of your bets must fall in the range limit
  •         Pot Limit Hold’em – the bet limits are decided by how much money is in the pot and so you cannot bet more than the pot limit. Bets in these games can grow exponentially, so keep this in mind with this poker game bet limit
  •         No Limit Hold’em – there are no bet limits in this game and so no limit to the number of chips you can wager, taking into consideration your poker gambling budget


Texas Hold’em Betting Rounds

The final step to playing Texas Hold’em is the betting rounds. Here is our step by step guide on how to play each round:

  1.       The blind is posted by the 2 players to the dealer’s left and each player is dealt their 2 hole cards
  2.       The first round of betting begins and you will have to either put in an appropriate bet amount to the pot or fold. Those who fold will not be dealt any more cards and aren’t required to place any further bets into the pot as they are out of the game
  3.       If you think you have a winning hand, you can raise the bet by putting extra money into the pot on top of the original bet. To stay in the game, the previous betting player will also have to put in the pot the extra cash
  4.       The dealer places another three cards on the middle of the poker table and this is named the flop. Another round of betting begins
  5.       The next stage is the turn, where the dealer will place a card face up before another round of betting takes place
  6.       Another face up card is placed on the table by the dealer, named the river, and a final round of betting takes place
  7.       After the final round, those who are still in the game will show their hole cards and the one with the best hand from both these cards and the community cards will win the game and the pot money

It really is as easy as that! As soon as you start playing this game and practising, you’ll find the rules become easier to understand and the game becomes much more exhilarating. If you are unfamiliar with the hand rankings in Texas Hold’em, use the list below as your guide when playing poker online or memorise this list if you are going to be playing at a land-based casino.

  •         Royal Flush – 5 cards all of the same suit and ranked A, K, Q, J and 10
  •         Straight Flush – 5 cards all of the same suit and ranked in a consecutive sequence
  •         Four of a Kind  – 4 cards all of the same rank
  •         Full House – 3 cards all of the same rank plus 2 cards of another rank
  •         Flush – 5 card of the same suit
  •         Straight – 5 cards ranked in a consecutive sequence
  •         Three of a Kind – 3 cards all of the same rank
  •         Two Pair – 2 cards of the same rank plus another 2 cards of the same rank
  •         One Pair – 2 cards of the same rank
  •         High Card – 5 random cards with no matches

The player creates their best hand by using the 5 best cards from their choice of 7, which is the 2 hole cards plus the 5 community cards.


The Best Strategy Playing Texas Hold’em

The Best Strategy Playing Texas Hold’em

As Texas Hold’em is a poker game, it is a mixture of skill and luck. There is no one strategy that is guaranteed to provide you with a win but here at New Casino Sites, we do have some top tips that could potentially help you win your next game of Texas Hold’em:

  1.       Opening Hands – A good opening hand is vital to a good poker game and there are a few things to consider. Think about the number of players that you are up against and choosing a hand that will provide value in any situation. Consider how it will perform after the flop because not doing this means you’re playing blind with no strategy
  2.       Bet Sizing – Our second tip for a good strategy is bet sizing, especially in no limit games. This is important so you stay within your budget for the pre-flop and post-flop. Analyse what other players are doing to decide what bet size is going to be right for you and the game. The players who make good decisions on bet sizes are usually the most successful at playing Texas Hold’em
  3.       Folding – A top tip for a good Texas Hold’em strategy is knowing when to fold. Knowing when to fold can save you a lot of money and is vital for poker players who want to retain as much of their bankroll as possible
  4.       Position – A key part of any poker strategy is having a position over opponent players and being able to see them act before you make a decision on your next move. This can help you be more profitable in your poker playing as you have more information on your opponents, giving you a strong advantage

Try implementing these top Texas Hold’em poker strategy tips to see how they affect your gameplay and whether they help you bring in bigger wins.


Texas Hold’em FAQs

Do you still have questions about Texas Hold’em poker? Below, we’re answering your most frequently asked questions about this exciting game.

What is the best online casino to play Texas Hold’em?
At New Casino Sites, we recommend a range of different casinos as we know there is no one size fits all. Many of our top picks provide Texas Hold’em games and you can compare our recommendations to see which casino will best suit your overall gambling requirements.
What other poker games can I play?
There are many different variations of poker games available to play including Omaha, Five Card Dra and 7 Card Draw. You will be able to find these games available at many of our online casino recommendations.
How can I win playing Texas Hold’em?
There is no one strategy that can guarantee a win playing Texas Hold’em, but you can check out our top tips above to implement in your next poker game that can help you potentially win more games.
Can I play Texas Hold’em for free?
Yes, you can enjoy playing free Texas Hold’em games online as some sites will allow this in the form of playing in demo mode or with bonus cash. However, you cannot enjoy Texas Hold’em for free when playing live casino games online or at a land-based casino.