How Welcome Bonuses Work at New Casinos

Last Updated on June 25, 2020 by Jennifer Wright

An enticing offer new casinos provide to players is the Welcome Bonus. Players receive these best UK casino bonuses after registering or after depositing funds for the first time in a site. Although new casinos offer welcome bonuses of varying amounts, the fundamental idea behind the offers is the same for all of them.

How Welcome Bonuses Work at New Casinos

Each new site has a minimum required deposit amount, and if players deposit funds higher or equal to the required money, then they get a welcome bonus. For new casinos, they can either match or double the deposit.

A welcome bonus gives you the first impression of a company before you wager with them. It’s also the first hurdle you’ll encounter when trying to withdraw your first winnings. Here’s how it works:

How welcome bonuses work

Welcome bonuses, just like other promotional offers, work by rewarding players with additional funds for action taken. The action we’re talking about is signing up and making your first deposit.

Casinos mostly offer 100% matched deposits as welcome bonuses. For example, if you deposit £150, you’ll receive an additional £150 as a bonus, therefore having a total of £300 as a stake. Some casinos can also offer a 200% match. For this attractive offer, with your £150, you can get a stake of £450. Such offers are hard to come by. If you encounter a 200% match, don’t hesitate to redeem it.

Other types of welcome bonuses

  • Welcome package

As the name suggests, this type comes with two or more bonuses, and in some cases, can have spins too. It’s a great way for beginners to experience a casino’s services before settling on a particular site. But be careful, always peruse the T&C, as each bonus comes with different requirements.

  • Slots Welcome Bonus

This type is designed to attract spinning reels’ fanatics. You’ll mostly receive additional spins, but sometimes you can get bonus cash too.

How to make the most out of the welcome bonus

As a player, if you’re smart enough, you can secure yourself a small fortune with welcome bonuses. Typically, new casinos deliberately make it hard for you to win from these bonuses. And even if you win, you face a tougher battle when trying to withdraw your winnings. Such unfair measures are employed through casino wagering requirements. As stated earlier, these are the stipulations put in place to make sure you’re not crippling new casinos.

As is the case with everything related to casino betting, there’s no easy way or shortcut to winning big, especially from casino bonus offers. Well, if you’re a responsible bettor, then you stand a slightly better chance by reading a company’s terms and conditions.

A difficult task to most bettors, going through a company’s T&C will help you understand their wagering conditions and how to beat them.

Why new casinos offer welcome bonuses

It’s almost unheard of to find a new casino that’s not offering a welcome bonus. But why are the new breed of casinos so intent on giving out free money? Well, it’s a simple answer: to get new customers. But not just to attract players, but also to retain them. To keep them playing. To keep them glued to their sites.

A lot of these offers, while generous, are ultimately created to earn casinos more profit. Of course, more players equal more profit. That’s why there are thousands of bonus offers out there. But, while they’re aiming to get more money for themselves, casinos generally want their players to enjoy every minute of their gambling. And there’s no better strategy than rewarding players, who out of a myriad of casino sites, have chosen to join their site. And as a player, naturally, you’ll feel appreciated and treasured — a win-win situation.

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