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Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Jennifer Wright is the top affiliate site online where you can find all of the latest online casino content, from gaming strategies to reviews on new casino launches. We have developed a reputation for providing our readers with transparent and honest content that helps you decide which online casino will be best for you and your gambling needs. To do this and provide all of the updated content you are looking for, we use an affiliate funding system where each time you click on a casino link and sign up, we will make a small commission. The best part is that we can keep providing the best reviews that are uninfluenced by outside sources and it does not cost you a penny!

Find out more below about the affiliate funding system we use and its benefits.


How Does Affiliate Funding Work?

Affiliate funding is used across many industries and is very common to find in online gambling. It works as a type of commission programme as our site is paid a very small commission each time a reader clicks on one of our casino links, signs up and makes a deposit. While this payment is very small, we have a steady income stream where we can keep our site updated and we do not have to take any money from outside influences. This is a dependable form of funding, and so it is widely used in this industry.


Why We Have Chosen an Affiliate Funding System

There were many different options available to use when deciding how to fund our website but after weighing them up, we decided to opt for the affiliate links funding system. Here are some of the reasons why we decided this would be the best way to fund

  • Trustworthy content – what our readers appreciate about our content is that it is trustworthy. This is because we use an affiliate links system and all our funding comes directly from our readers when they click on these links. We do not rely on any form of compensation to keep our site running and no outside source influences our work. Affiliate links allow us to carry on creating excellent content that our readers value and find transparent
  • No adverts – everyone knows the feeling of trying to access a webpage but being bombarded with annoying ads that disrupt your online experience. We opted for the affiliate link system as it allowed us to forgo these disruptive adverts and give you the best possible experience on our website. When you navigate your way around our website, there is no need to worry about these ads as none will appear
  • Steady finances – to keep our site running and updated with amazing online casino content, we need to have a steady flow of finances coming in. By using the affiliate link funding system, we can provide honest reviews for all the latest exciting casino sites and players know that we will always have the most up to date information here on new casino releases that are not compromised by outside influences

There is no doubt that affiliate links are the top option for funding our gambling site. It is a reliable stream of funding, it allows us to maintain 100% honesty and transparency with our readers and we do not have to bombard you with annoying ads.


Make a Contribution to

If you want to contribute, contact our team today. We are more than happy to discuss contributions to our site with you and you do not have to worry about any sensitive information being shared. With this type of contribution, you can say goodbye to the annoying ads but keep yourself relevant.

We encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible to get an affiliate link, and we will be back in touch.