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Last Updated on December 30, 2020 by Jennifer Wright

The Best UK Slot Sites for 2021

Slot games have a long history extending back to the 1900s. They’ve been the leading form of entertainment in most casinos for decades, and they still are to date.

The slots genre continues to draw in new enthusiasts every day because of its simplicity and convenience. It doesn’t require any particular skills, and is playable at any pace.

With the continuously increasing demand for slot games, slot sites have sprung up. These are online casinos that generally focus on providing slot games to players. Read on to find out more about slot sites.

Types of Slot Games Available in Slots Sites

One of the reasons slot games have been so popular over the years is the variety they offer. When players get bored, they can shake things up by trying newer slots. Here are a few of the variations available in slot sites:

Video Slots

Video slots are the most popular type of slots, as they feature stunning graphics and exciting themes. You can find movie-themed slots where players use popular cinematic figures to navigate the game and earn extra money. These figures can be cartoon characters, TV show personalities, and blockbuster movies actors.

You’ll often find most video slots have a storyline. You get to overcome adversities and complete milestones, as you progress in the storyline. You’ll be met with a short film narrating the tale behind the game when you start playing. And in your gameplay, you’ll discover minigames that keep you engaged, and if you complete them, you can continue playing.

Some of the well-known gaming providers like NetEnt and Microgaming invest heavily in video slots every year. And with the reputation of these suppliers, you can always expect video slots crafted with attention and detail — video slots with smooth gameplay, clear audio, and vivid visuals.

If you’re new to casino gambling, it’s advisable to start with video slots, as they’re the easiest to play, and the most enjoyable among players.

Jackpot Slots

In terms of possible winnings, jackpot slots are the most enticing. They promise to make you a millionaire with one spin. While the chances of this scenario happening are extremely low, you’ll still have some fun. Instead of buying a lottery ticket from a local shop, you can spin the reels of your favourite slot jackpot, and enjoy the suspense of worrying if you’ll land the symbol combinations.

Jackpots like Mega Moolah and Betway have produced new millionaires in the past, and you can look forward to more winners in the future. If you enjoy juicy winnings and fairytale stories, then you can try out some progressive jackpots in slot sites.

The best slot sites UK have several jackpots, so even if you’re a beginner, you can still participate and try your luck. What’s better, is that you’ll receive some bonuses, even if you don’t land the colossal prize.

Classic Slots

When most of us think of slot games, our minds take us back to old-school classic slots. These were the slots offered in land-based casinos, where you inserted a coin, pulled a lever, and hoped for the best. They consist of 3 reels, and were among the first playable online. In fact, most slots we know of today, originated from these awkward slot machines.

While the gambling world has, understandably, moved on from classic slots, some providers still launch old-themed slot machines. They come with modern graphics, improved animation, and other high-end features.

Features in the Best Slot Sites

The best slot sites come with various features that help make your gaming experience as stress-free as possible. Some of these features include:

Free Play

Best online casino sites offer you an option where you can play games at no cost. You can try out new releases from major gaming providers like Netent and Playtech. Even if you don’t have any cash in your account, you can still explore the extensive gaming collections available in some of the best online slot sites UK.

Free play allows you to hone your strategy without spending any of your cash. Try and, possibly, fail, until you find a suitable winning formula. It’s the perfect feature for beginners. They can gain some experience, learn on wagering requirements, and discover their favourite games, before they can invest their money.

Welcome and loyalty bonuses

Signing up in a new casino, you’ll often be presented with either a deposit or a no-deposit bonus. This is a marketing attempt from slot sites to entice you to continue playing with them. As we’ll see later, sometimes these bonuses come with low wagering requirements, meaning you can cash out your winnings later. What you’ll notice from these UK online slot sites is that almost all bonuses involve free spins.

Free spins allow you to play in your favourite slot machines without paying any cash. Get to enjoy new games, get the idea of how they operate, and see if you two are a match.

In addition to welcome bonuses, the best slot sites also offer you loyalty rewards. They reward you for playing games for a long time and being a loyal customer. Sites generally offer loyalty bonuses in the form of free spins, but can extend their generosity by providing you more attractive rewards like invites to exclusive events, and fixed amounts of cash.

Slot stats

To refine your approach and improve your gaming, you can search for statistics in slot sites. Look for amount paid out to gamers by searching for the average RTP. You can find individual data on specific slots by looking at help pages. Also, discover how much players earn from slots monthly, by reading independent reports in a site’s footers.

The best slot sites often make this information available publicly.

Mobile Casinos

Most slot sites have been optimized for mobile phones. You don’t have to use a desktop or a laptop to access these sites. You can do so using only your phone and a decent internet connection. You should, however, understand that the number of games often vary depending on the casino operators. Some sites generally offer fewer games to mobile users compared to desktop users. But the best slot sites provide their most popular games on all mobile platforms.

Slots with high RTPs

Even if you’re playing slot games for fun, you shouldn’t lose sight of your main goal – winning. To improve your chances of winning some money, you have to leverage on RTP. Search for slot games with high RTPS, where you stand a better chance of getting some money back.

That’s all good. So, what are RTPS exactly?

The RTP, known as Return to Player, is a calculated percentage of the entire wagered cash that slot sites pay back to players. It gives you an assessment of whether a slot game pays enough money. That way, you can decide whether you’ll play the game or not.

For example, if you make £1 a hundred times on a machine with a 92% RTP, you can receive about £92 in wins. The higher the RTP, the higher amount you can get back.

Now that you know what RTP percentages are, you can make better decisions next time you choose a game. Include RTPs in your gaming strategy to get better returns on your wagers.

Top UK slot sites have games with high RTPs – you can read our reviews to find such games.

Low Wagering Requirements in Slot Sites

Receiving bonus offers isn’t always as profitable as you might think. While they may offer an excellent opportunity to discover new slot sites and games, bonuses don’t often guarantee winnings in reality. This is because many slot sites implement wagering requirements. If you haven’t heard of them, wagering requirements are the stipulations put in place to make sure you don’t walk out with a casino’s bonus before wagering your own money.

Top slot websites have low wagering requirements that allow you to cash out your earnings with little fuss. To know the wagering requirements in place, go through a casino’s terms and conditions, taking note of the key terms, and making you sure you understand each one of them.

As a rule of thumb, avoid slot sites with more than 50x stipulations, as they’re among the most difficult to meet, and aren’t worth your time if you’re looking to earn some profit. Medium stipulations like 35x and 40x are much easier, and you should opt for them if you have some time on your hands. Low requirements like 30x and below are the best.

In the same generous spirit, there are a few sites slot sites with no wagering requirements. Most likely, these sites will award you with free spins rather than a fixed amount of cash. In some cases, these spins are only playable in select games, while in others you’re free to use them in any slot game. The number of free spins you receive depends on the total amount you deposit, so make sure to fund your account with a substantial amount.

In rare occasions, you might receive a fixed amount. Some slot sites give you such bonus funds after depositing a minimum of £5. This means you’ll have fun playing slot games, with free cash, and you don’t have to worry about meeting any wagering requirements.

When it comes to all wagering requirements in general, the terms and conditions determine whether a bonus is worth your time or not. Even after checking the number of wagers you need to make, go further and check for any expiry dates. Most free spins become ineligible after a few days, so always make sure you use them before you run out of time.

Merits of Playing in the Best Online Slot Sites

Variety of games

One major reason why you should play in slot sites is the variety of games available to you. You can participate in thrilling adventures in video slots and try to make a quick fortune with scratch cards and keno. If you’re looking for something different, you can try your luck with live dealer roulette, compete with other players, and probably win a huge jackpot.

The best UK slot sites feature thousands of games, from both renowned suppliers and the lesser-known ones. These suppliers are constantly looking for more ways to improve their games and make them more engaging – the newest games are advanced in both gameplay and visuals. There are several different categories, themes, reels, and paylines that it’d probably take you an eternity to explore all of them.


If you’re not a fan of the busy and noisy environment that comes with land-based casinos, you can simply play online in slot sites. You can play at any time of your choosing, without taking a trip out. Just spare a few minutes and have a brief gambling session.

Now that all major casinos have native smartphone apps, you have all casino games at your fingertips — convenience is taken to another level.

Downloading an app doesn’t take much time, either. Go to your chosen brand new casino sites official page and download specific games or the app itself, and within minutes you’re enjoying slots and roulette.

Availability of games

Not long ago, players sometimes had to wait for casino machines to be available. Smaller casinos generally had fewer machines, so you weren’t able to play slot games immediately. Of course, this was frustrating. The time spent in the waiting line could be better spent in playing games.

Nowadays, though, there’s no waiting time. Thanks to the rise of slot sites, players can play in large numbers, at the same time, immediately they join casinos.

Better Odds

Now that online casinos don’t have to pay huge staff wages, alcohol costs, and hotel room fees, they can provide better odds in their games.

You get to save a small percentage of your cash in slot sites, compared to brick and mortar casinos. Even if you don’t land a huge win, you can still retain about 5% of your money. This is because an online casino can make some profit from a much smaller chunk of the wagering taking place in its platforms.


What is the best online slot site?

This will largely depend on you. Some players prefer various payment options over large gaming collections, security over customer service, and so on. Decide on what you prefer and go through our reviews to find the best slot site for you.

Which online slots payout the most?

The best slot sites have high RTPs. Look for websites with games with high percentages, probably in the 93-97 region.

Which is the best online casino in the UK?

Again, this depends on your preferences. But there are a lot of good casinos in the UK. If you do your research right, you can find the ideal one.

Are online slots rigged?

No, they can’t be rigged. This is because these online slots work with random number generators that make it almost impossible to rig.