Gambling Addiction

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Gambling is one of the most thrilling activities available all around the world, and for the vast majority of millions who play, it is just something to do for fun. Addictive personality types that suffer from an addiction to alcohol or smoking are also more likely to have a gambling addiction. When you cannot control your urge to gamble and want to chase losses, you need to seek professional help that will help you overcome your addiction.

If you would like to learn more about gambling addictions, the best organisations for problem gambling available in the UK, the signs to spot of a problem gambler and more, carry on reading.

Advice to Stop Negative Gambling Conduct

While problem gambling is tough to stop, it is not impossible and there are many different ways in which you can get treatment for your addiction. Like all mental health issues, players can try various treatment methods to see which one works best. Below, you can read more about the main treatments for gambling addiction:

Therapy and Counselling

One of the most popular ways to combat a gambling addiction is to seek therapy and counselling. This form of treatment is different because a professional can work with you to help get to the root of the problem, rather than simply masking it. This is a widely successful way to stop problem gambling as it tackles the core of the problem. Talking to a professional therapist and undergoing psychotherapy can help improve an addict’s mental health. This type of treatment is the one most people will opt for as it has a great success rate.

Organisations to Help with Problem Gambling

Along with therapy, many people will also speak to organisations that help with problem gambling and have experience in this area of addiction. Here at, you will find a full list of fantastic organisations available here in the UK that can help you by providing counselling, support and information that is free. Even if you feel that you are not a compulsive gambler and only have a small problem, it is worth getting in touch as this could prevent a more serious addiction later down the road. Many players also enjoy this type of therapy as it allows them to speak to other people who are also suffering from addiction.

Medical Treatment

No one medication can be prescribed to help with problem gambling, but for some addicts, specific medicines can help improve their situation. This can be in the form of anti-depressants and anti-seizure medication. Any medication should always be discussed with a medical professional.


Gambling Addictions Assistance Methods

There are many different ways in which you can get assistance for a gambling problem. For some players, the most challenging part will be acknowledging that they have an addiction. Our advice when looking for gambling addiction assistance methods include:

  • Enjoy the delayed gratification – problem gambling can give players an instant buzz and so addicts should instead try to think about how it will feel later if they decide not to gamble
  • Set up responsible gambling tools – at online casinos, you will find a range of tools such as deposit limits to help you overcome your gambling problem. There is even the option to self-exclude, which means you will no longer be able to access the casino
  • Speak to someone – speaking to trusted friends and family members can help you to clarify whether or not you have a problem and guide you on a path to accepting it
  • Find new distractions – if you are starting to think about gambling all the time, try to take up some distractions like hobbies or socialising as this will help to keep your mind off gambling

In some cases, the gambling addiction can be extremely severe, so these options will not work. In these cases, it is best to get help from professionals and you can find a range of great organisations right here at


What are the Different Types of Gambling Addiction?

In general, gambling addiction is an impulse control disorder, and the addict simply cannot stop themselves from gambling. However, there are many different types of gambling. While they all to some degree will impact addicts’ mental health, relationships and finances, some will have a more serious impact than others. Here are the various types of gambling addiction someone may suffer from and their intensity level:

  • Compulsive gambling – this is the worst form of a gambling addiction where the addict does not care about the consequences. They can gamble without caring if they win or lose. If you have an addictive personality, you are more likely to develop this type of gambling addiction. If you are currently a gambler that does not care about their budget and will often far exceed your budget to try and chase down losses, you must get help immediately
  • Problem gambling – problem gambling is a type of gambling addiction that can quickly have very detrimental effects on your life. This usually applies to those who feel that their gambling is starting to spiral out of control and have a habit of trying to chase losses. It will also lead to strains on your finances, relationships and mental health
  • Binge gambling – while binge gambling may not be as severe a problem as compulsive or problem gambling, it is still something you should seek help for as it can quickly develop into a more serious problem. This type of gambling can also be extremely problematic as to everyone else you appear fine. Binge gambling does not need to be something players do daily as it can be something where you show signs of problem gambling at the more limited times that you do decide to take part

No matter what stage you are at, if you feel you have a problem with gambling, do not wait and seek help today.

How You Can Recognise a Gambling Problem

The first step of getting help for gambling addiction is simply acknowledging that you have one. Those who suffer from gambling can become extremely smart and conniving in hiding their addiction from others. However, some signs may be on display that loved ones are sure to pick up on. Some of the most common signs of gambling addiction include:

  • Not being honest with loves ones about the severity of the financial situation, how much money you are spending and the amount of time you spend on it can be a major sign of a gambling addiction
  • If you are putting gambling on top of your relationships and career, then you need to seek help for your problem
  • For those who gamble to relieve stress, depression, helplessness or anxiousness, it can quickly become a major problem
  • Trying to up the stakes and make a casino game even more thrilling through the betting of larger sums of money equates to a gambling problem
  • If you are becoming irritated when doing other tasks that are not gambling, you are likely to have a gambling problem
  • Those who are constantly thinking about gambling and always want to play could be suffering from an addiction

Do any of these points resonate with you? If so, it is highly likely that you have a gambling problem and should get help as quickly as possible. Speaking to a professional can help to diagnose the problem and how serious it is. 

The Rewards of Stopping Problem Gambling

Stopping any addiction is rewarding and problem gambling is no different. There are so many advantages that those with a gambling addiction can look forward to and it is best to try and experience these early, rather than leaving the problem to develop even further. Some of the rewarding things you will experience by stopping your problem gambling include:

  • Finances – addictions can be extremely costly as the addict does not know when to stop. By exceeding budgets, problem gamblers can devastate their finances, which has an extremely detrimental effect on them and any family members. If a gambling problem becomes severe enough, it can lead to serious legal issues, the loss of the home, poverty and bankruptcy. Quitting problem gambling will help to improve your financial situation
  • Relationships – when you enter financial destitution and your mental health is extremely negative, this will affect everyone around you. Relationships can be seriously damaged and some may even become beyond repair unless you do not kick your addiction. This includes your relationships with family, friends and partners. Get rid of the gambling problem and instead watch your relationships flourish
  • Mental health – when both your financial situation and personal relationships are declining, this is going to have a severe impact on your overall mental health. The stress of your situation can ultimately become depression, which may even lead to suicidal thoughts. When you are able to stop your gambling habit, your mental health is sure to improve as your finances and relationships do

If you are suffering from problem gambling, all of these amazing rewards are available to you if you seek help today.

Where Can I Find Resources and Support Groups for Gambling Addiction?

Have you accepted you are suffering from a gambling problem? Now that you have overcome that first step you can get in touch with many great resources and support groups available right here in the UK. These organisations can also help loved ones of a gambling addict who are seeking help and advice. Here are some of the best gambling help organisations available for you to contact today:

  • GamCare – GamCare is funded by the online gambling industry and is many addicts’ first call for support in overcoming their addiction. You can get advice and counselling here for a gambling addiction and their customer support number is 0808 8020 133
  • Gamblers Anonymous UK – one of the most popular local support groups for gambling addiction is Gamblers Anonymous UK. When you join one of their groups, you will go through a 12 step programme similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. Friends and family are also welcome to join these groups
  • The National Centre for Behavioural Addictions – this centre combines two forms of problem gambling, one focuses on gaming disorders while the other focuses on problem gambling. It is available for those over 16 and is known for helping addicts to overcome the complex problems surrounding addiction
  • Gordon Moody Association – This association can be contacted via email at [email protected] or by phone at 01384 241 292. It was specifically created to help those with gambling problems and focuses on helping people start over to improve their lives after addiction. This comes in the form of residential courses

Seek help immediately if you are suffering from a gambling addiction. Contact one of these organisations now to help you get started on your rehabilitation journey.


We would always advise those with gambling addiction to get help now. Do not wait, as the problem could become worse. Check out one or more of the organisations we have detailed here to start the recovery process and get your life back on track.