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Paypal Casinos UK – Best Paypal Casino Sites 2021

PayPal is an e-wallet service that allows internet users to transact money online using their email address. Since its acquisition from e-bay, the service continues to expand its influence and is currently the number 1 e-wallet in the world. Considering everything we buy, or sell online, is through PayPal, it’s difficult to imagine a world without the payment service.

Estimated to have over 100 million users, PayPal has quickly become the go-to payment method for most of the best UK casino sites. Players love the service because it’s free, convenient, and easy-to-use. It provides an alternative to the banking payments that can be tedious and time-consuming.

How to Register in PayPal Casinos

To sign-up in PayPal casinos, you’ll first need to create a PayPal account. First, visit PayPal’s main page and click on “Get Started” — you’ll be directed to fill in your details and create a password.

A few things to consider include:

  • Use a valid address. In case PayPal limits your account, you’ll have to submit documents confirming your address. Don’t just rush to fill in details, provide correct information.
  • Enter your names as they appear in your identification documents – follow that exact order.
  • Ensure you’re using a strong password that’s different to your social media and financial accounts.

Now that you’re done, it’s time to register in a PayPal casino. Given thousands of PayPal casinos exist on the internet, finding one doesn’t take too much time. What might be challenging, however, is finding the right casino that provides value for your money. If you’re stuck at this stage, please read our casino reviews.

  • Once you’ve identified a casino, follow the simple steps below:
  • Go to the ‘sign-up’ page
  • Create an account just as you did for PayPal
  • Confirm your identity
  • When selecting a payment method, chose PayPal
  • Provide your PayPal email address

Why Choose PayPal Casinos?

  1. Security

One of the most secure payment platforms in the internet, PayPal employs different methods to ensure every user is safe from hacking and identity theft. Firstly, it uses state-of-the-art encryption that safeguards data and prevents it from leaking.

Using its advanced tech, the site checks if you’re using the latest and most secure browser with your phones and PCS. The website further takes an additional step in ensuring your data is also safe physically, where it employs strict security measures at all time to guard their servers. Finally, to ascertain 100% security, PayPal’s servers don’t connect directly to the internet.

Unconventionally, PayPal pays hackers to fix loopholes and possible errors in their system. Additionally, the site has an email where you can report instances of potential phishing and hacking.

  1. PayPal casino bonuses

Did you know that you can receive casino bonuses for depositing cash using PayPal?

Some sites offer players extra money in the form of matched bonuses and percentages for depositing funds with the e-wallet. This gives you a chance to stake some extra cash, and if you’re lucky enough, you can win something using the free money. It’s a suitable bonus for players who have exhausted their welcome bonuses and don’t have enough experience to receive loyalty bonuses.

  1. Customer support

If you have any complaints, you can directly contact PayPal’s supportive customer care, and they’ll deal with you fast to resolve your issue.

  1. Accessibility

PayPal is easily accessible on any platform. When you log in ad input your email address and password, you can set your browser to integrate the details to all your devices. This means you can use your smartphone, PC, or even Smart TV to confirm payments when depositing or withdrawing cash from casinos. The e-wallet also has an app that provides seamless transactions.

  1. Currency conversion

Using PayPal, currency differences aren’t an issue, as the e-wallet directly converts any currency for you. Any gambler anywhere in the world can play a casino of their choosing, thanks to this PayPal feature.


  1. Fees

Usually, PayPal charges credit card fees at a 2.9% rate. Although this fee is lower than most online payment rates, it’s still a significant fee and can take a chunk of your deposit money.

The good news, however, is that PayPal doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees. This means you can transfer your winnings for free from the casino account to your PayPal.

  1. Submitting bank details for registration

To enable transactions, you’ll have to link your credit or debit cards to your PayPal account. To some players, sharing such information to an online website may distress them.

In contrast, methods such as PaybyPhone (view our list of pay by phone casino UK sites) that only require you to fill in your mobile number may seem less risky. But as we’ve mentioned above, PayPal takes all the necessary steps to ensure your banking details are secure.

How to Find the Best PayPal Casino

You can easily research the best PayPal casinos by interacting with other players in gambling forums. Casino players love sharing their gaming experiences in forums – quickly scrolling through the myriad of comments, posts, and suggestions will provide insight into what you can expect from an online PayPal casino.

However, you shouldn’t judge an entire casino solely on a few players’ complaints — their idea of a suitable casino may be different from yours. That’s why you need to visit and explore a site yourself. Most sites display their licenses on the homepage to show they’re trustworthy and secure. If you encounter a website that doesn’t share such info, you can quickly eliminate it from your list.

While researching may be the most effective way of finding a suitable PayPal casino, you might not have the time to read through hundreds of complaints in forums and exploring sites. At, we provide reviews for trustworthy and reliable online casinos; you can quickly read our guides to find the right PayPal casino.

What to Look for in a PayPal Casino

Ease of navigation

The first impression you get from an online casino comes from the homepage. If it’s shoddy looking, chances are the casino has a poor IT team, low budget, or its just untrustworthy. In contrast, the best PayPal casinos generally boast of well-designed sites that players can easily navigate through, even on small screens.

Having realized the importance of appearance, most casinos these days compete to provide the best web design. They aim for the modern look to attract new casino players and offer high-quality gaming experience to existing players.

Generally, such well-designed casinos are the most enjoyable for gaming. You can play at poorly designed casinos, but you won’t have as much fun as you’ll struggle to navigate and search for your favourite games.

You shouldn’t, however, form your definitive opinion solely based on a casino’s first impression. You should use other metrics that we’ve stated below.

Casino Bonuses

Most players typically gravitate towards PayPal casinos with the most attractive offers and bonuses. Sometimes, though, an enticing bonus may have underlying wagering requirements that make it difficult to cash out any of your winnings. Always read the T&C to see if a bonus actually offers value for money, or it’s just a ploy to impress new gamblers.

Casino’s Reputation

When searching for a PayPal casino, be on the lookout for some of these prevalent malpractices:

  1. Players aren’t receiving any of their winnings either because:
  • A site states that the player’s win is a system error. As compensation, they’re offering a small percentage of the player’s win.
  • A casino provides extremely low payout limits to prevent a player from cashing out from a huge win.
  • Without a substantial reason, a casino delays payout and constantly asks for identity verification.
  • A site provides strange reasons for not allowing players to withdraw cash.
  1. Some of the games in the casino are unlicensed and have low payout ratios. These fake games look similar to the original games, as very few players can spot the difference.
  2. Sometimes a casino restricts players from withdrawing bonus money even if they have successfully met all wagering requirements and labels such gamers as ‘’bonus abusers.’’

Gaming Catalogue

Signing up for a PayPal casino that has a small collection of games means you can easily get bored playing the same games over and over again. For instance, if you’re a fan of table games and register in a site that primarily offers slots and poker games, you may have to compromise, especially if you’ve already deposited some money.

The best PayPal casinos cater to different types of gamblers by providing a variety of slots (check our best slot site options), table games, and bingo games. Every player needs to feel included, from the casual to the experienced gamer. Additionally, an ideal site should offer both download and no-download configurations so that gamers can play in their devices or public computers.

How We Rate PayPal Casinos

In addition to the features mentioned above, we also use other metrics to determine whether a PayPal casino is suitable for players. They include:

Supported Devices

We check whether a casino works well on the mobile platform. It should be user-friendly on Android, Mac, iOS smartphones, and other devices. Additionally, the site’s app should download seamlessly on any device and should update users on the latest promotions.

Software Provider

While other reviewers prioritize the number of games a PayPal casino offers, we go the extra mile by looking into its software providers. The best software suppliers provide high-quality games with splendid graphics, impressive sound effects, and smooth gameplay.

Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech are some of the best providers in the business — expect nothing less than top-notch gaming from them.

Customer Support

You’ll rarely experience any wagering issues in first-rate PayPal casinos, but in case any problem arises, it’s always reassuring to know you can contact customer care to answer your query.

We assess a customer support’s responsiveness, check its availability, and confirm its number of contact options. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for you to link with a representative at any time 24/7.

Security and Safety

A trustworthy PayPal casino should have a UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority license. If a site has the approval of these two bodies, you can rest assured knowing you’re gaming at a safe and secure casino.

But our security inspection doesn’t end at licensing; we do further background checks that cover casino ownership and customer complaints. After our thorough research, we can then recommend a PayPal casino, having confirmed it promotes fair gambling.

Alternatives to PayPal


Skrill allows UK online casinos to attract players from different countries. Unlike PayPal that supports 25 currencies only, Skrill offers a whopping 41 currencies for international clients.

PayPal however, beats Skrill in processing speeds. PayPal completes transactions in at most 2 hours, while Skrill can take 24 hours to complete a withdrawal. Skrill also has a higher withdrawal fee for smaller amounts of money.


Neteller is a British owned payment platform that allows users to make instant transactions. Players from over 200 countries can access the service, meaning they can register in UK online casinos easily.

Deposits from a Neteller account to a casino and a bank account are free. However, Neteller charges users a 3.9% rate when they make deposits using credit and debit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cards can I link to PayPal?

There’s no set number of bank cards really. You can link multiple cards to your account easily, but be careful, you can’t add your cards to another PayPal account.

How to contact PayPal?

If you’re experiencing issues with payments, you can send them a message to one of their social media accounts, they’ll get back to you quickly.

Can I use another payment method for PayPal casinos?

Yes, you can. As we’ve mentioned above, PayPal casinos also accept other forms of payments; you can use Neteller, Skrill, PaybyPhone, among others.

Do I have to make withdrawals with PayPal?

It depends. In some casinos once you’ve deposited using PayPal, you’ll have to cash out using the same avenue to make sure withdrawals are processed smoothly.